About us

No.1 BC is the leading provider of top-level technologies for secure mobile communications. Military offices, governmental institutions, financial businesses, corporate enterprises and even celebrities use everyday smartphones with a tiny No.1 BC card inside to ensure encryption of mobile communication. Secure phone calls are now available worldwide at any time.

Our philosophy

Confidential things should stay confidential.

No.1 BC, as a secure communications provider, designed and brought to life a unique encryption technology: advanced hybrid algorithm. We do realize that industrial espionage can be a serious threat for businesses and created tools to take care of sensitive information and keep it safe from spies. Different governmental and military organizations use No.1 BC solutions to protect confidential information worldwide, including Ministry of Military and Defence of Austria.

Our mission

We want to make your world secure.

We constantly work on improving our services and hire only the best experts in the industry. Our network of dealers and sellers shows continuous growth so more and more people around the world can benefit from the advantages of secure voice calls, chats and file transfers. So, don’t wait until it’s too late. Take care of your communication security today.