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Certified protection

No.1 BC all-in-one security solution was tested by Encription Limited and certified as mobile application of Highest Level of Standards.

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Security as a service

No.1 BC intuitive and feature-rich apps use strong encryption and can be used all around the world under pre-paid service subscription.

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Feature-rich protection

Strong enrcyption algorithms

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Subscription pre-paid services

Without end-to-end encryption, your conversations may get into the hands of cybercriminals, and other malicious actors willing to steal them.

Send and receive messages, engage in high quality voice calls and explore an expanding set of Bits features to help you stay connected

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To ensure sensitive information ALWAYS remains under your control.

Use Advanced Hybrid encryption

Strong protection of your identity

Multi-level encryption keeps your data safe from unwanted listeners, intruders, hackers and various malware elements.

Cracking only the first level would take in average about


quadrillion years

Researchers assume the our Universe exists for about only


Billion years

After 6.4 quadrillion years of cracking, one will need to face


Locked doors to open

You May not even guess…

There may be a man in the middle every time you talk on mobile, every time you use email on the Internet, every time you send and receive messages, every time you check your voice mail, every time you send files over the Internet.

You’re watched.

The perfect surveillance tool

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