iOS hardware encryption

Small yet powerful

ONEKEY ID works with iOS

ONEKEY ID is a small device, which will guard your communication from unwanted intercentions. It performs complex encryption operations, which cannot be done on actual iPhones or iPads.

Only 7 cm highOnly 7 cm high
ONEKEY ID works with iOS

Really small thing. Really strong protection.

Only 52 g weightOnly 52 g weight

how it can help

ONEKEY ID creates environment for apps

One does not simply insert encryption smart card into iPhone or iPad. Some additional hardware is needed to perform ecnryption. For this reason ONEKEY ID was created. ONEKEY ID does a great job for making super strong encryption work for email and live communication. Here are the apps, which work with ONEKEY ID:

True real time ecnrypted communication
Killing security

Our new solution makes it easy to share sensitive data and collaborate with business partners keeping everything in a secret that won’t be revealed for sure.

True real time ecnrypted communication
True real time ecnrypted communication

At last you can enjoy true end-to-end hardware encrypted communication on iOS devices. You can chat with your friends or call them to discuss some critical or secret-sensetive issue using your iPhone or iPad.

Game-chaning mail app
Game-chaning mail app

We combined two different encryption algorythms into one app to make your life easier and safer. You can use unique No.1 BC encryption technology or other mail encryption which provides good privacy from a single app. All your secured mail will arrive in your secure app powered by hardare encryption.

Elegant and user-friendly

Our sellers will help you get everything set up and running. iOS solution includes hardware and full package software to encrypt emails, chats and calls.

Tech specs

Tech specs

  • Zero footprint desktop USB integration via CCID protocol
  • Easy usage through low power 128×128 memory LCD Display
  • Status & power charge indicator
  • Bluetooth™ connection status
  • Simple 2-button operation
  • On/off for simple power management
  • Easy pairing through securely encrypted Bluetooth LE™ connection
  • Contact interface (ISO7816) for ID-000 cards (“mini SIM cards”)
  • NFC antenna for NFC enabled dual interface ID-000 mini SIM card via C4 and C8 ISO7816
  • Voltage: 1.8V/3V
  • Micro USB interface
  • Rechargeable installed LiPo battery
  • Secure firmware updates
  • Secure Bluetooth LT pairing using key exchange through QR coding
  • Energy supply through rechargable battery
  • Rugged frame for key chain

What you need to get started?

Talk to one of our sales partners. They will help to set everything up and will guide you through subscription process. They will also give you all instructions how to use it and when to renew subscription.