Do you want to sleep well at nights and feel confident even after sharing the million-dollar secret? Use No.1 BC: Bits to ensure sensitive information ALWAYS remains under your control.

Why Bits?

All chats, messages and calls are accessible with a passphrase only so high security level is guarantee

You can customize your interface and change settings according to your needs

No messages are permanently stored on phones or servers.

When log in, app password is required.
Each time you open a chat or call/answer the call, you need to enter passphrase.
To make sure everything is secured as it should be, you need to enter a unique passphrase to keep the app locked.
On top of that, it can stop your communications being screen-shotted at the other end, for extra peace of mind.

Choose the security level – high, medium or low.
High – passphrase is required each time you receive/send a message
Medium – passphrase is not required for some period of time (you can set the interval from 2 to 15 minutes in the settings)
Low – passphrase is not required

You can choose weather usual chat fits your needs or you’d like to experience a secret one-time chat.

While chatting it’s possible to share images taken from the camera or uploaded from the gallery, as well as videos and voice messages.

You will see if the message was received by the user and if it was read by him.
You can choose an option to be invisible so that the chat members won’t know if the message was delivered to you or read by you.
You can also erase your messages off recipients device at any time.

You can hop on a call anytime, view calls history and still feel safe.

Chat history/ or some specified messages can be saved as a note which can help to make your communication more effective.

Our new solution makes it easy to share sensitive data and collaborate with business partners keeping everything in a secret that won’t be revealed for sure