How No.1 BC: Live chat works

Getting ready

Circle of trust

Communication within No.1 BC: Live is possible only between people, who have active No.1 BC card and installed No.1 BC: Live application.

Your contacts

Your contact list is your circle of trust. Only users with whom you personally exchanged contact details will be able to communicate with you. Only people who you allow to contact you will be able to reach you. There are no unknown number communications.

Select the Options icon

Select New Contact option

Enter all required details and Save it

Your contacts
Initiating a chat

Select the contact and then select Start Chat option.

Your contacts
Find the contact you need

Encrypted channel

Established connection

Now for this conversation both users have encryption keys. They communicate securely knowing that all information is encrypted on one end and decrypted only on another end. The door is locked for outside world.

Encrypted communication

If there was a way to show what happens behind the door, we, probably, would

…and yes

men-in-the-middle are not invited

Only people who have encryption keys and No.1 BC cards can open and lock the door

Security as a service

Men-in-the-middle, intelligence, survaillance, bad guys and other data hunters from whom you cannot hide, because they are everywhere, will not see a bit of your information. No.1 BC: Live has got you covered in:

  • chats
  • calls

With No.1 BC: Live military-grade encryption is in your hands and it does ensure high security level of your communications.

Real digital privacy

In cyber space information cannot be shredded like an old newspaper. The best way to protect communication known by now is to encrypt it. Encrypt your phone calls. Encrypt your chats. Encrypt your file transfer. Use No.1 BC: Live

strong encryption

strong encryption

affordable subscription

affordable subscription

No.1 BC communications

Talk to one of our sales partners. They will help to set everything up and will guide you through subscription process. They will also give you all instructions how to use it and when to renew subscription.