No.1 BC: PGP

Golden Standard

Popular encryption

Initially PGP was designed as open source free-for-everyone encryption. It uses strong algorithms for data encryption and is quite difficult to crack. Breaking PGP encryption by brute force method requires enormous resources and time investments. All these factors made PGP encryption very popular among online users.

Sending postcards

Without encryption all your mails are more like postcards, where everybody can see outgoing address, delivery information and letter content.

Mail encryption

Encrypting mail is similar to putting your letter into envelop which hides the content from prying eyes. PGP is the easiest and most popular method.

Improved features of PGP

No.1 BC: PGP advantages

No.1 BC uses industry standard PGP encryption, but improves it with additional security regarding key management policy. You can communicate with other PGP users outside of No.1 BC System, but your mail will get extra protection available only for No.1 BC users.

Private key is stored on-card

Private key (which is used only for decryption) is stored on No.1 BC card. Private key is never copied to the phone or elsewhere. PGP emails are processed and decrypted with No.1 BC card.

PIN protection

Every time you need to encrypt or decrypt a mail you need to enter your PIN. You may opt to have also PIN authentication when application is launched. PIN protects sensitive data like decryption private key from unauthorized access.

Public key management

No. 1 BC: PGP encrypts cache of public keys used to send emails which makes impossible to identify email receivers. It is impossible to detect whom you were communicating with. You can clear PGP cache at any time.

Secure channel

In addition to strong PGP email encryption (RSA2048/ AES256) No.1 BC: PGP exploits BleckBerry Enterprise Server (BES12) solution. BES12 cloud infrastructure enables secure server connectivity with strict policies on traffic and data transfer, e.g. your encypted mail is sent/received via secure channel.

Same as PGP only better

No.1 BC: PGP vs. other PGP solutions

Please see quick comparison below to see the difference between
No.1 BC: PGP and other PGP solutions on the market.

Other PGP mail solutions
No.1 BC: PGP
Private key management
Other PGP mail solutions

Usually, private key is stored within PGP application

No.1 BC: PGP

Private key is stored on No.1 BC card in tamper-resistant area

Private key protection
Other PGP mail solutions

Some solutions may protect private keys by password, some may not even use a password

No.1 BC: PGP

To access private PGP key, first need to enter PGP application password and then PIN to access data on-card

Public key management
Other PGP mail solutions

Usually, keys are sent to global public key database and are accessible by anyone. To speed up data processing cache of public keys is used. From cache it is possible to identify contacted people.

No.1 BC: PGP

Public keys are more or less accessible by anyone in order to be able to communicate with people outside of No.1 BC. Cache of public keys is encrypted which makes impossible to identify who you’re communicating with.

Encryption point
Other PGP mail solutions

In some solutions users send mail as plaintext to encryption server; messages are encypted by the server

No.1 BC: PGP

Mails are encrypted by a user on one end and decrypted by a user on another end. Decryption happens in user’s hands, only when the user wants to read it.

Communicate securely

With No.1 BC: PGP you can communicate via secure emails with other people who may not have a No.1 BC card. If hackers or intelligence agencies attempt to intercept your mails all they will see will be some nonsense set of characters. Your true communications will be hidden behind this abracadabra.

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