No.1 BC: Bits chats, calls, files

Your contact list

Your circle of trust

Only users with whom you personally exchanged contact details will be able to communicate with you. Only people who you allow to contact you will be able to reach you. When you select someone on your contact list you will have a few available options.


Allow you to send and receive encrypted messaged instantly

Voice calls

Real-time encrypted voice communication is possible only with No.1 BC app.

Encrypted file transfers

Use chained briefcases no more. Send your files securely via digital space.

View contact

This option allows you to see contact name, see inner BC number and status.

Edit contact details

If you need to rename contact or update BC number use the Edit option.


It allows you to discontinue all communications with the contact and unblock it later.

Encrypted chat

Secure instant chat

No.1 BC: Bits chat is a one-time encrypted conversation between two people. No.1 BC: Bits uses hybrid encryption which is made of complex mathematical data processing functions. End-to-end encryption approach ensures that the message is encrypted on one end and decrypted only on another end. No chat history. No chat logs.

Message encryption and decryption is possible only with No. BC cards. Non-No.1 BC users cannot join and cannot be invited to the chat. Men attempting to be in-the-middle will envy how secure your communication is, because they will not get a bit of your information.

See How it works

Encrypted phone calls

Real-time voice encryption

No.1 BC: Bits uses multi-layered encryption environment for secure transmition of real-time voice calls. Combination of asymmetric and symmetric encryption ensures strong protection and high speed of data processing. Regular mobile channels are not secure and if you don’t take care of security yourself — nobody will. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Real-time voice encryption
Real-time voice encryption
Impossible Man-in-the-middle
Impossible Man-in-the-middle

Impossible Man-in-the-middle

Hardware and network

No.1 BC: Bits is secured on all levels: software, hardware and network infrastructure. It uses secure server connectivity with strict policies on traffic and data transfer. In addition to all, encryption component (No.1 BC card) is hidden inside of your regular phone. Visually it will look just like many other mobile phones and nobody will even guess what exactly you are using.

Secure file transfer

Sending files

You can send files via secure No.1 BC environment and be sure that what you send on one end will be received only on another end. Interception of encrypted data “on the go” is absolutely useless. Only intended user will receive.

Secure file transfer
Wiping Files

Traditional delete file options leave some tracks and quick tricks may recover your data. No.1 BC: Bits file wiping feature uses special algorithm to delete files without any flashbacks and chances for recovery. When you really want to delete something — wipe it.


All preferences and info

On the settings screen you can configure No.1 BC: Bits application according to your preferences and taste. Also on this screen you can find information about application version and subscription term.

Smart Card

Allows you to re-set your personal identification number (PIN)

Application password

This feature gives you additional level of access authorization. It may be disabled.


No.1 BC: Bits may sound differently than defined in global settings of your phone.


Here you can set how your call ringtone and incoming message will sound.

Backup contacts

Very useful feature when you change phones from time to time.


Here you can find your BC number and subscription expiration term.

Get security as a service

Talk to one of our sales partners. They will help to set everything up and will guide you through subscription process. They will also give you all instructions how to use it and when to renew subscription.