Why use No.1 BC: Mail

Confidential things should stay confidential

If you deal with secure or sensitive information your email communications may be an object of interception or data alterations. You may send and receive emails using trusted services and not even know that third party can access your information.

Governmental agencies, competitors, spies or hackers may get access to your information if it’s sent via Internet as a piece of plain text. When you search for secure email communications, make sure to select strong cryptographic solution.

Many email “protectors” can be broken because of fragility, and you may not even guess, that your information is not in safety.

Secure your emails with No.1 BC: Mail

There is no higher security for mobile emails other than No.1 BC: Mail. No.1 BC: Mail uses strong hybrid encryption algorithms which make any attempt to read encrypted messages absolutely useless.

On-card key storage and one time session key generation eliminate man-in-the middle interceptions, so that the message can be read only by the truly intended receiver.

Only person, who has access to the secret key can unlock and read the message. See also key advantages and how it works.

Clean user interface

No.1 BC: Mail is very easy to use. It has intuitive and friendly user interface. The best thing about it, however, is that it provides ultimate security for all your emails you send via No.1 BC: Mail

Closed groups

Before sending encrypted emails be sure to exchange public keys with other users. Only people who you personally add to your contact list and with whom you exchanged public keys will be able to send you encrypted emails. No spam. No advertising. No unknown senders.

electronic mails

electronic mails

ultimate protection

ultimate protection

Get security as a service

Talk to one of our sales partners. They will help to set everything up and will guide you through subscription process. They will also give you all instructions how to use it and when to renew subscription.