Ultimate security level

Software + hardware

No.1 BC uses a combination of software and hardware to protect data. No.1 BC card works as independent element inside of your phone. It creates a special environment for encryption software.

BSI and EAL5+ Certified
PIN protection

Every time you encrypt or decrypt data you need to enter your PIN. PIN unlocks private keys (which are locked on-card) and starts data processing.

Tamper resistance

The card is engineered to be temper-resistant so that it would be no possibility, not even a chance to extract any bit data from the card.

Strong Encryption methods

Software advantages

Easy to use

The System is easy-to-use. It has clean user-friendly interface. The System is malware resistant, so there is no chance for intruders to monitor or record pure voice data. No.1 BC does not collect or retain any personal data and does not save any private data on your phone.

Secure access

Each No.1 BC number is PIN-protected. Every time you access the System you need to enter your personal identification number. If the PIN is entered incorrectly for 3 times the card is blocked and all data is erased from the card automatically. This feature protects your information from malicious card cracking.

Different services

No.1 BC applications cover a wide range of services: email encryption, secure chats, encrypted voice calls and file transfers. No.1 BC package is all what you need for secure business communication. Set of enabled services may be configures according to your custom requirements.

Human factor elimination

When you add new email accounts – all keys are generated on-card and private keys stay permanently locked on-card. When you initiate a chat, call of file transfer, random keys are generated on-card. Encryption and decryption operations processed with help of the card do not require any human interaction.

The Mighty little thing

No.1 BC card

Not does only No.1 BC micro card control access to your data, but it also generates and stores encryption keys. Private keys are stored only on-card and are never copied to the phone or elsewhere. All data processing algorithms are locked inside of the card and by entering PIN you can only access the results of data processing and never actual operation algorithms.

Tamper resistant Hardware

Architecture features

Trusted contacts

The System is used only by authorized users. No.1 BC: Mail supports communication only between two users, who exchanged their public keys. To use No.1 BC: Live you need to exchange contact details with other people (authorize each other). It eliminates any incoming data from anonymous or unknown users. You can communicate only with people, who you personally added to your list of contacts.

User’s side encryption

No.1 BC does NOT use any server equipment for data encryption and decryption. Communication is possible only between two people who have active No.1 BC cards. Data is encrypted and decrypted with the user’s card. This feature eliminates any data corruption while it’s encrypted and decrypted.

World-wide use

You can be anywhere on the planet (Tokyo, London, New York, Berlin, St. Petersburg elsewhere) and still use No.1 BC security solution. No limited radius for crypto-system signal coverage. As long as you have Internet connection you will be able to protect your mobile communications.

Impossible MITM

No.1 BC architecture eliminates man-in-the-middle data interception. Moreover, any data interception is just useless. If someone attempts to access your encrypted data, to decrypt it one will need more time than our Universe exists. That is how strong No.1 BC encryption is.

What’s next?

See how No.1 BC: Mail works and how No.1 BC: Live chat works to discover how we keep your data secured. You may also find interesting how No.1 BC: Notes works and what is the difference between No.1 BC: PGP and traditional PGP encryption.