Key advantages

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Weak points, other mail services use

Many mail services offer advanced security for your mails. Not many of them, though, use something more than just a single password on login. In addition, not all encryption methods can protect from man-in-the-middle.

Encryption and decryption servers in the middle

Some systems encrypt and decrypt data using Internet server capacity. It is easy for men-in-the-middle to intercept plain text on the way from user to server.

Human-generated or human-verified pre-installed keys

Some “ready-to-go” systems use pre-generated keys to speed up operation and data processing time. Copies of encryption keys make cipher vulnerable.

Private key is sent over the Internet to different recipients

Encryption key management policy is crucial in keeping cipher strong. Not all services ensure protection for private keys used for decryption.

Both encryption and decryption is done with the same key

Encryption/decryption operations take some resources. Some services use the same single key for both to “optimize” processing time.

Additional decryption keys

ADK allows decrypting data encrypted by a user without any authorization from that user. ADK holder may check encrypted data at any time and get all info which was supposed to be hidden from praying eyes.

Private key expiration time

Key expiration date makes you renew your keys, resend them to the key server and rebuild the key trust within your communication. One needs to keep copies of old keys to be able to read messages encrypted in different time.

Bye-bye, man-in-the-middle!

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No.1 BC: Mail unique advantages

Combination of software and hardware allows us to provide unbreakable protection for your emails. Only truly intended receiver will be able to read the message.

Encryption is done with the card

In addition to asymmetric encryption, No.1 BC: Mail uses one-time symmetric encryption keys randomly generated on the card for every signle mail.

Decryption is done with the card

The card creates a special environment for encryption and decryption functions. Sensitive operations are performed on the card and never on the phone.

Private key is used only for decryption

Public key is sent to all from whom you would like to receive mails. Whilst private key is always kept secret and access to it can only be opened by entering the PIN.

Private key is stored on-card with PIN

Private key is never copied anywhere outside of the card. When you enter your PIN, the System initiates decryption on-card and translates decrypted text on-screen.

No human factors

The only action required by you to get No.1 BC: Mail is to insert the card and install the apps. All data processing operations are done by the System.

Use the phone you like

No.1 BC does not provide any phone sets, which could be identified as a “protected communicators”. Use a regular phone which you like and secure your emails with a tiny card.

Get security as a service

Talk to one of our sales partners. They will help to set everything up and will guide you through subscription process. They will also give you all instructions how to use it and when to renew subscription.